Pinched Nerve in Neck Treatment

Are you undergoing pain caused by pinched nerve in your neck? Well, you can apply physiotherapy to cure it. If you fail to get prompt and proper treatment, it can greatly impact its curative effect. The following are the tips about how to cure a pinched nerve in your neck:


Use ice or heat pack on the sore alternatively on your neck. You will feel ease from pain.

Consider taking painkillers such as aspirin or ibuprofen to relieve your pain. Make sure that you see the doctor before taking medication.

Consider using pain-relieving ointment on the sore. Consult your doctor and let him find a suitable one for you.

Undergo traction. It is an ideal option for neck exercises and physiotherapy treatment. Make sure physiotherapist you’ve found is qualified for it.

Consider injection if you are suffering from severe pain and discomfort. You can take Epidural steroid or cortisone injections, which prove to be very effective on this problem.

Turn to a chiropractor, accupressurist, massage therapist or neurologist for help. They may provide some special treatments for you, which help relieve your neck pain.