Pig Arthritis Formula

Yes you heard the name right, “pig arthritis formula”, but NO the formula is not for pigs, it is a nutritional formula for people suffering from arthritis.  Dr. Joel Wallach is the creator of this said to be “doing wonders” formula.  Why he named his formula “PIG ARTHRITIS FORMULA” is a big question.  Though the name may be funny, it refers back to his days working with zoo animals and laboratory animals.

Dr. Wallach made a startling discovery in the lab setting, showing that nearly every degenerative disease, that includes arthritis, can be directly linked to nutritional deficiencies.  Veterinarians have been preventing and treating ailments in animals using nutritional tools.  Thereby giving Dr. Wallach the conviction that people too can be well served by using such strategies, which lead him to return to school, become a physician and eventually open up his own family practice, developing enormously beneficial formulas such as the pig arthritis formula.

Much of Dr. Wallach’s reputation is because of the phenomenal success of his pig arthritis formula that as most people would say, really works.

Dr. Wallach’s Pig Arthritis Formula

  • 5oz. Calcium enriched Minute Maid orange juice
  • 4 Capsules of Ultimate GlucoGEL
  • 2oz. Majestic Earth Minerals (or 1oz. Majestic earth Ultimate vitamin drink)
  • 1 Ultimate E.F.A. capsule


Mixture should be ingested two times per day.

Each component in the formula plays a crucial role in aiding the body to re-build bone and cartilage, so do not deviate from the formula.  Take the pig arthritis formula following Dr. Wallach’s recommendations.

Dr. Wallach’s Pig Arthritis Formula has GlucoGEL at the rate of four capsules, twice daily, contains crucial components chondroitin sulfate and collagen and additionally contains glucosamine sulfate.  Glucosamine sulfate complements chondroitin sulfate and collagen that enhances their ability to repair bone and cartilage.

Dr; Wallach’s Ultimate Glucogel contains glucosamine sulfate, chondroitin sulfate and collage all in precise proportion that complements each other to enhance the others constituents of the arthritis formula.  Ultimate Glucogel in addition, is remarkably affordable. Recent comparison between similar products and Ultimate Glucogel sold at two leading national health food chains showed Ultimate Glucogel is estimated half the price of these products.

According to Dr. Wallach, it best to avoid phosphoric acid (an ingredient is soda pop), sugar, caffeine and vegetable oil to enhance the effectiveness of the formula.  It may be difficult for most but any effort to cut back is beneficial.  Using butter instead of margarine is a way.  Sugar, even the so called ‘natural’ sugar sucks minerals from the body same as phosphoric acid and caffeine. 

Some people who have been using the formula suggests that if you have above average body weight and are not getting results, you may want to try adding an extra ounce or two of the colloidal minerals and doubling the GlucoGEL.  However, if you have been following the formula precisely and still not getting results, then consider testing yourself of food allergies.