Phil Mickelson Arthritis

Phil Mickelson, who is known to be the defending champion and number 3 golfer in the world, suffers arthritis. At first he was used to the pain and aches he felt being a golf player. But during this time the pain and aches he felt were no longer what golfers experienced. They weren’t the same as what he felt before. As he stated, the pain was somewhat killing him.

His back leg was aching, his fingers were in pain but he controlled himself enough to continue playing.
Phil Mickelson stated that the pain got worse at night time that he could not move anymore. The pain moved down from his shoulder to his hips and to his knees. Being a golf player, the pain became quite disturbing to his career.

His doctor gave him medications like steroid prednisone that relieves him from pain. But that is for a short time only because even he takes prednisone the pain is still there. It doesn’t work anymore. Until such time that his doctor diagnosed him that he suffered Psoriatic Arthritis and this is confirmed by the Mayo clinic. And his doctor added that the kind of disease he has is treatable.

Phil Mickelson arthritis is described to be an autoimmune disease as such the body’s immune system attacks its own tissues, thereby destroying it. Once cartilage is damage inflammation occur such that it causes lot of pain to patient. This illness psoriatic arthritis is linked to psoriasis – a skin disease indicated by a scaly red rash. People with psoriasis might have as well psoriatic arthritis.

In fact, Phil Mickelson stated that sometimes he experienced itchy and flaky scalp along with pain and aches. Phil Mickelson’s Doctor says that if that disease is treated early then the pain will be reduced early it cannot caused severe damage on your joint and keep you comfortable all the time. On the other hand, if this is left untreated this will create complications to your heart, eyes and other vital organs of your body.

At first, Phil Mickelson felt so much pain as he woke up that he could not even walk. He did not even think that what he felt is the symptom that he had arthritis. He felt pain in his piriformis muscle his left index was strained, his right wrist was sprained. And what he felt became intense at the morning and more at day.

When he was diagnosed for having Psoriatic arthritis he undergoes weekly injectable medication of Enbrel an etanercept. This medication’s action is to inhibit the activity of a substance that causes inflammation. He also attended regular exercise program to improve muscle strength and mobility of joint.

He also changed his eating lifestyle. He undertakes vegetarian diet, he eats lots of fruits and vegetables some grain and wheat.

Phil Mickelson states that it is really difficult for him to do those things that he didn’t usually do. But because this is helpful for his health then he has to sacrifice just to bring back his condition.
But fortunately, he became successful and was able to play again. The pain he suffered is no more but still he has to continue his diet, regular exercise and many more.

Phil Mickelson arthritis is no more, etanercept cures him. But the only disadvantage is that it doesn’t work forever. In addition to that it holds back immune system’s defense action mechanism; hence Phil Mickelson is susceptible to infection.

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