Pet Arthritis Care: Holistic Approach and Tips

There are several options for treating pets suffering from arthritis, and while there is no single ideal treatment one very good option is taking a holistic approach to pet arthritis care. This approach treats the pet and its condition individually based on the belief that each pet and owner is different and, therefore, has wants and needs that are unique from another.

Some pet owners want to try every form of pet arthritis care from surgery to acupuncture to treat or relieve their pets of pain but the veterinarian would know which treatment option is best. Other pet owners are willing to rely on providing long-term medication to their pets such as or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS). Another option leans towards a more natural form of pet arthritis care.

A holistic approach is desirable to pet owners who want a treatment with the least side effects. It is known that certain drugs such as NSAIDS while not harmful when taken properly may still have unpleasant side effects if used chronically. That is why many pet owners consider drug therapy as a last resort of treating pet arthritis.

Holistic pet arthritis care is not necessarily an “alternative” form of treatment. It simply means taking care of the overall health and well being of the pet and not just relieving arthritis symptoms. Holistic pet arthritis care may in fact involve the use of medication if this is the best way to improve the condition and the general health of the pet.

In order to start with any type of pet arthritis care, getting a proper diagnosis is crucial because although arthritis is widely common in old or lame pets, there are in fact other conditions that resemble the symptoms of arthritis. Some of these conditions include fungal or bacterial infections to the bone, bone growths or tumors, ligament injuries, fractures, dysplasia in the hips, shoulders or elbows and others. Therefore, before you resort to any type of pet arthritis care, make sure your pet gets properly diagnosed first.

After you have made a choice regarding treatment, pet arthritis care would be about making your pet’s life a little bit easier. Some things that you can do for your pet would be to keep their water and food dish accessible and on a surface that is not slippery. Install secure ramps nearby stairs or on the porch to help your pet maneuver up and down. Arthritis pain usually gets worse at night so place a hot water bottle wrapped in a towel in your pet’s bed.

Remember that your pet may not be able to go back 100 percent to its normal mobility even with treatment so it would need some help from you to cope with its physical limitations and live a more comfortable life.