Pain In Lower Right Back And How To Deal With It

Pain in the lower right back is not something to be joked with, and it causes a very severe form of pain that tends to disrupt anything you want to do sitting down or standing up. Pain in the lower right back can occur to an adult, but it can also happen to a teenager. The severity of the pain does not respect anybody, and if it is not taken care of in time, it could be very disturbing with unfathomable medical consequences. Now, if you happen to suffer from pain in the lower right back, you must know that you are not the only person undergoing this kind of condition, and about 3 out of every 5 people suffer some level of pain in the lower right back region. What then are the causes of pains in this region?

To fully understand what causes pain in lower right back region, we must understand the position of bones in this region, and how they relate one to another in helping a man stand aright or be able to perform work. The lower right back, or the sacro-iliac joint, is the part of the back that is usually used by many people when they do any work, even without realizing it. Now, there are a number of factors that cause pain in the back to any one person, and these factors tend to work together to produce strength or pain in any individual. These factors are tight muscles, weak muscles, joint movement and pelvic balance. When someone suffers from acute aches in the lower back region, these four areas can be affected in a negative way.

Most pains in the lower right back region are caused in the sacro-iliac joint, because the joint has no protective disc to protect it from wear and tear. While many would be tempted with the severity of the pains they feel to think that they have problems in their spinal cord, this is not true even though the pain is felt close to the spinal cord region in the pelvic area.

Now, when you suffer any form of acute pain in lower right back, the best thing to do is to visit a doctor if normal household medications would not cure it. A doctor may even take an x-ray to see what the problem is before reaching a conclusion on how to give you treatments. Apart from the medical program and prescriptions the doctor will give you, you must learn to deal with spinal imbalance when you have pains in the lower parts of your back. You must be careful to carry heavy objects and never to do anything that will strain your back or exact too much pressure on your waist. You must also adopt proper sleeping posture when you lie down to sleep, and you may even consider using a therapeutic mattress. You may also try to use an ice pack treatment on the affected part. You can even try acupressure with an expert if you feel like it. Pain in lower right back will soon be a thing of the past if you would adhere to professional advice. No matter what, make sure that the form of treatment you seek, you should make sure that it is carried out by a properly qualified and certified professional in the field.

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