Pain Between Shoulder Blades

Our body is indeed made with great creativity. The parts of our body manifest the greatness that our Creator hands can do. Every part of our body has a lot of roles to do and all of these are beneficial for our own being. Just like our shoulder blades which are located at the back of our shoulder. This is the triangular one which is medically known for its name as scapula. It is actually the connector known to make up the collar bone or the clavicle with the arm bone or the humerus. It has been the primary muscle involved in every movement that our neck as well as shoulders makes. However, it is just inevitable that we face some injuries and accidents which led to pain between shoulder blades.

Commonly, we associate pain in our body if we experience injury or other traumatic situations which our body is subject to pain. However, when we speak of pain between shoulder blades, it might just come without us even facing injuries as w wonder how does it happen. That is why it is better for us to get to know the things that might actually contribute to the pain that we might feel between our shoulder blades.

The most common of all reasons and number one in our list to the pain that is apparent between our shoulder blades is trauma or injury. There are different injuries that we might face in our daily life like falling down, lifting heavy objects, work, sports and auto accidents which can badly affect our spinal cords. There is a pain that we would feel due to the injury as well as the weakness that the scapula’s muscles and ligaments face.

The second reason why we might feel pain in between our shoulder blades is because of the posture that we have. Most of the time, this is seen when you are at the office as you have taken too much time in front of your computer. Oftentimes, you are not able to adapt a proper posture that led to the tension primarily at the upper back, around your shoulders and even in the neck. This is even more prevalent when there is the wrong positioning of feet, arms and hands which we commonly do when we slouch. After all, there would be a domino effect in our body since our body is like a kinetic chain.

We must not also do away with the fact that gallstones can also aggravate the pain particularly in between your shoulder blades. But when you have gallstones, the symptoms or signs might not actually be obvious. But once the gallstones create a blockage in the ducts, one of the results of it will be surely pain between shoulder blades. That is why it is very important to make sure that externally and internally we are able to meet the needs of our body so that we can be in great shape in doing away these pains which might affect our lives.

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