Pain Behind Knee

Knee pain is a common complain of many specially a bit aged people. It is originated from trouble with the knee joints; the main joint includes the medical & lateral components. Some 0pf the diseases those cause Pain behind knee are knee osteoarthritis, baker’s cyst, Discoid meniscus etc.

Some prominent & common injuries include ligament sprain, tear of meniscus, and strains in hamstring muscles or in hamstring tendon etc. Sometimes inflammations cause terrible knee pain. A sprain can occur in the in the medical collateral ligament or lateral collateral ligament. Muscle strain may be located in hamstring or pop literal muscles.

Pain Behind knee runs along the ligament one can feel it at the very bottom of the hamstring when one tries to flex it. It is felt 3 to 4 inches above the knee just around the calf. But it can worsen very fast may be in matter of two days. It is advisable to lessen jogging sessions at this point of time or just try some small exercises indoors. The best option is to take 2 to 3 days off. That is the most desired decision because otherwise it may turn serious. It may originate from the ‘plantar is’ muscle. This muscle is sometimes wrongly dismissed as an insignificant part, but injury to it has to be regarded as differential considerations of the ailing calf. It may start during a run or jogging session. Sometimes it turns out to be a diagnostic challenge for the medical practitioner. This muscle often referred as vestigial accessory muscle it is strangely absent in 7-20% of limbs. It consists of a thin muscle belly & long thin tendon that forms part of the poster superficial compartme3nt of calf. The muscle originates from the lateral line of the femur. The muscle ranges from 7to 13 centimeter long. Anatomic studies have revealed that cannel insertion may also occur independently.

Despite its smallness any injury in this muscle often referred as ‘Tennis leg’ been the source of quite controversy. Its been observed apart from mainstream people eminent sports person suffer from this type of pain due a sudden sprain or stain in the above said muscle because injury occurs mainly during running or jumping. Depending on the level of calf soreness the athlete has to stop his sports otherwise it may turn quite fatal .The son graphic findings of such patents have revealed that sole rupture of plantar is tendon to be 1.4% & partial rupture of the sole us muscle at 0.7%.magnetic imaging & ultrasonography is widely used as a diagnostic tool. The significance of imaging is to rule out more serious conditions like thrombosis.

Initially a sonography enables location of muscle belly in the proximal calf region, while a transverse scan is used. The treatment routine includes pain relief through the various therapies &passive stretching then that to be followed by a 5 minute session of ultrasound therapy. The next stage of treatment in case of Pain Behind Knee is strengthening exercises. This process was found to be successful in because recurrence of conditions was found in case of 0.7% patients only. Somehow there is a bit lack in availability of solid literature as to complete treatment but it can be treated & arrested.

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