Need To Find Lower Back Pain Relief?

That aching, burning feeling that seems to have a permanent home in your lower back doesn’t need to stay there. With just a few actions, you can begin a journey toward relief! Imagine not needing to take painkillers or have to put heat or ice on your back any more because your lower back actually feels good… that can become a reality!

Most back issues are caused by back spasms. This most often happens when the muscles of the lower back are overworked, but dehydration can cause this issue as well. If you drink a lot of caffeine in the morning and then have an alcoholic drink or two at night, you’re robbing your body of most of its hydration. Try boosting your water intake by 16-32 ounces and see what happens!

Posture Plays a Major Role in Lower Back Pain

How do you normally sit? Do you hunch over a little bit as you’re looking at something? When you watch TV, do you lean forward with your forearms on your knees? You might be feeling some pain in your neck, but that’s also putting pressure on your lower back! Try to sit more upright and keep your shoulders back. There’s a good chance you’ll feel a stretch in your lower back as you do this, which could start relieving the pain right away!

Posture as you sleep is also a critical component of solving lower back pain. If you’re not sleeping on a surface that properly supports your body, then you could be suffering because of this! A simple mattress topper could solve the problem. Otherwise you could be sleeping on your side and be putting too much pressure on your hip, which can cause lower back pain. Try putting a pillow between your knees or try sleeping on your back if you can.

Warm It Up and Then Cool It Down!

Going to the gym typically means stretching out the muscles and then warming up a little bit, but our lower back gets a workout every day. In the morning, try stretching it out right away so that this muscle group can warm up properly. Think about how a dog stretches with their front paws out and their neck slightly arched and their back up in the air. That stretch will limber up your back nice and fast

What you shouldn’t do is twist your back to warm it up. Although the twisting motion does loosen up the muscles, it can create more problems with the skeletal structure of your lower back and cause pain in a different way. Stick to gentle stretches that you can hold for 20-30 seconds to get the best results.

Then make sure to take time to cool down after a long day. If you run for 3 miles without water and then just sit, there’s a good chance for cramping to occur. The same is true for all of your muscles! Your lower back will cramp up if it needs water and it’s been put through the wringer of a tough day. Cool down with some light stretches before bed and your back will thank you!

Lower back pain doesn’t have to be something that holds you back from the things you love. You can start taking proactive measures like these today to begin limiting your pain! Get started on this journey and over time, you might be able to throw away those painkillers for good!


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