Natural Medicine for Sciatica Pain

Sciatica is a disease that causes extreme pain which happens while the sciatic nerve goes pinched. Aching and hot pain will be caused by sciatica in the buttocks, and shooting pain will be caused by sciatica in the calves and hamstrings. Loss of strength and pain can be caused as well in the ankles and feet. Sciatica can be treated by traditional medicine of bed rest, powerful painkillers and even surgery. But these means are not be able to treat the root of the problem. You can recover from your sciatica by using natural medicine, and learn the ways to prevent the disease in the future.

You can make yourself less painful from sciatica by having juice of vegetable such as potatoes, carrots and celery. Just mix the raw vegetable with a blender or juicer by 1:1 and put a little water, have a big glass one times or two every day. The natural medicines to relieve pain are celery and potatoes, carrots are a natural way which makes the juice more delicious.

A poultice can relax the sciatic nerve which is made from minced fresh horseradish. Just treat the painful area with horseradish and make it covered with a towel which is thick, keeping this for more than one hour each time. You can use this smelly, but natural effective medicine twice or three times per day to make the nerves relax which would make you feel pain.

Improve your sleep quality as well as make your muscles and nerves which would cause sciatica by means of putting a bottle filled with hot water under the affected butt during sleeping. It is enough for the natural body heat of you to make the water stay warm during the whole night.

Stretch. For many people, directly through the middle of tmaximus of the gluteus is the way sciatic nerve travels, the large muscles consisting of your buttocks, making sciatica happen more frequently with more severity. The good ways to both prevent and to treat sciatica are regular massage, Tai Chi, Pilates and yoga.

The way to naturally ease the pressure is to swim frequently which muscles put upon the sciatic nerve. Make your muscles stay tones and flexible and make your body stay fit and the exercise which is regular and flexible will assist you in treating, preventing this disease in the coming time.

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