Medical Treatment for Back Pain

Traditional opinion agrees that the slight back pain will disappear on its own in around one month time, and there is no need for them to visit the doctors. The treatments for back pain are numerous and various. Some of them may show its effective while others are still in doubt.

It is recommended that taking good care of ourselves at home is an effective treatment for the slight back pain sufferers. However, as for the slight pack pain sufferers, prolonged bed rest is do more harm than good, you’d better not to sleep beyond two days or decrease activity. While to the sciatica sufferer, he may benefit from 2-4 days of rest. The application of the local ice and heat may improve the pain while this treatment method should not used frequently, once in a while is acceptable and reasonable. In emergency condition, having some acetaminophen and ibuprofen can control the pain, but still, you should not regard it as your main treatment method.

Every treatment of the back pain has been examined its effectiveness and feasibility before its used. Only through inspection can we know it is good for us. The treatment your doctors give to you is effective because they have tried its feasibility.

In emergency cases when your back pain accompanied with unexpectedly loss of bladder or bowel control, you must seek medical attention at once.

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