Lumbar Back Pain Treatment

Generally, lumbar back pain is located on our lower back. Lumbar is the very position of the spine that contains 5 vertebrae which build up the largest and strongest movable part of the spinal column. It is our lower back that undertakes the most weight but provides the most flexibility to move.

So, how to relieve the lumbar back pain?

In relieving lower back pain, rest is no doubt the most important and effective treatment. Generally, muscle strain is the main cause of lower back pain, so it is important not to invoke your muscles with activity any more. You may not able to get up when your back pain is serious enough, but do to stay in bed longer than two or three days since it will cause you more severe and chronic back pain.

Over-the-counter Medications

There are many over-the-count medications which are advised by doctor to relieve your lumbar back pain, such as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS) or topical creams for pain such as Bengay. Prescription medications, such as various narcotic pain medications, are sometimes effective in alleviating or relieving lower back pain. All these medications contribute greatly to ease your lumbar back pain. However, you may addict to it if you take them often. In severe cases, your doctor may advise you to take muscle relaxers for temporary relief. But as above medication, you may easy to addict to them too.


A hot water bottle, heat packs, or even a hot bath are all effective in alleviating your lower back pain. Besides, your muscle spasms can also get relieved through this.

Physical Therapy

If you suffer from lumbar back pain, you will benefit a lot from physical therapy. So you’d better to visit your doctor for a complete exercise plan. Generally, physical therapy mainly refers to the exercises and stretches dealing with the lower back problem. In addition, aqua therapy and electrical stimulation therapy are also the physical therapies which are effective in relieve your lower back pain. Before begin a new exercise plan, you’d better to consult with your doctor first to check whether it is suit for you.

Cortisone Steroid InjectionsWhat is also often recommended by doctor to relieve the lumbar back pain are the cortisone steroid injections. It can be administered and add the medication around the spinal nerves directly. Cortisone steroid injections are also known as epidural steroid injections. They really contribute greatly to pain and inflammation

● Surgery
Generally, surgery is not the first but the last option to treat your lumbar back pain. Discectomy, foramenotomy, laminectomy, spinal fusion, and spinal disc replacement, are all surgeries which are performed to relieve lower back pain. But anyway, before choosing to perform a surgery, you must think carefully.

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