Lower Back Stretches to Relieve Pain

Due to the way many people sit, stand, or lay down, they will suffer from lower back pain. Lower back is actually quite common amongst people in general. Bad posture is the most common cause of lower back pain. Sitting in positions for long periods, such as sitting in a car or office chair, puts stress on the back muscles that causes the pain. Staying in the same position for a long period of time also causes the muscles of the back to form into one position, which is not healthy and will cause pain. There are also cases of injury or genetic disorders, which cause back pain. No matter what the case, stretching and exercise can help alleviate lower back pain over time.

For people suffering from lower back pain, it is best to develop a daily routine of stretching and exercise. The exercises should be chosen based on the recommendation of a doctor or other healthcare professional. Creating a regimented routine is crucial. The stretches should be done on a daily or regular basis to get the best relief. Most lower back stretches are simple and can be done at home without any further assistance unless needed. Usually, no special equipment is needed for the lower back stretches either. When stretching, do not force the body into positions it will not go into. Instead, slowly ease into the positions without straining. Overtime, the position will become easier to do. It is also better to wear loose, comfortable clothing when stretching. While doing the stretches, do them on a flat surface like the floor. Hold each stretch for up to thirty seconds, and repeat each one at least five times.

One lower back stretch that is can help with lower back pain is done by laying on one’s back and bringing the knees to the chest, while simultaneously lifting the head. This is a good stretch to be done in the morning. Another lower back stretch is done by laying with the knees bent and the feet flat on the floor. One knee is then lifting and brought to the chest. The standing crunch also relieves lower back pain. It is done by placing the hands behind the head, and then bring the head downward, as if doing a crunch. Another handy stretch consists of placing the foot on a table, while the opposite leg remains straight. You will then reach out and grab the toes of the foot on the table without straining the muscles or forcing into the position. Even touching the toes is a good lower back stretch. Just simply stand with the legs about as far apart as the shoulders are. Then, bend over and attempt to touch your toes. You do not need to reach your toes; the point is to stretch the lower back. A doctor, chiropractor, or physical therapist will know the best lower back stretches depending on the type of pain being suffered. As long as the lower back stretches are done on a daily basis, the lower back pain should be gone within some time.

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