Lower Back Pain Symptoms

Pains are nothing but painful; and lower back pains could be very unbearable to live with. It does not matter whether you are a teenager or you are an adult, back pains are often terrible and when you have such a case in your family, it is nothing short of pain to all concerned. It must be noted right here and now that back pains are not just indicative of pains in the back, they could also be the symptoms of other diseases as well. That is why you must never take your lower back pain symptoms lying low, you must visit the hospital to diagnose the condition and get to the roots of the matter for permanent relief. Lower back pain symptoms are not that difficult to know, but this article will show you some more signs of the body that could help you know what ails you. What then are the lower back pain symptoms to watch out for before one knows he has mild or severe lower back pains condition?

i.                    Pains in the legs and thighs: When you suffer pains in the legs, it might be easy to think you have arthritis because of your age, but then it is also a sure sign of lower back pains. Lower back pain symptoms could show by having pains in areas of the legs where muscles and tendons or ligaments join to facilitate movements and mobility.

ii.                  Sharp waist pains: When you have very sharp jabbing pains in your lower back region, or in your pelvis area, then you should know you have lower back pains. These pains could come and go at intervals, and sometimes they could be very intense or mild depending on the individual and underlying cause.

iii.                Muscle spasms and stiffness: When you suddenly have muscle spasms in your pelvis area, and feel stiff around your waist with accompanying pains, then you must know you are experiencing lower back pain symptoms.

iv.                 Buttocks and waist pains: When you constantly have sharp or prolonged dull pains in your waist and buttocks, then you must also know that you are seeing lower back pain symptoms. These pains may be caused by a shift or tear and wearing in your vertebrae discs. Such disc shifts or wear might cause acute pains in your buttocks or waist when you make sudden movements and when you bend too low to carry objects.

v.                   Constant waist stretching: If you constantly find yourself stretching your waist to the right and to the left to find any relief while sitting or standing, then there you have some lower back pain symptoms. Some people would even want their friend or spouses to help them crack their bones in the bones by standing on their backs and so on to find relief; all these indicate that you have lower back pains that must be medically attended to for treatment. Your doctor might only prescribe some medications and exercises, and you will find the relief and possible cure that have been eluding you for years.

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