Lower Back Pain Stretches

Have you ever felt lower back pains to the point of stretching yourself this way and that? Well, that is indicative of acute back pains and sufferers often do this to relieve themselves. In fact, some people suffering from chronic back pains ask spouses to stand on their backs to help them crack their bones in order to find relief, and this is a relief any outstanding exercise would produce anyway. There are many lower back pain stretches helpful in finding relief in mild and acute back pain conditions, and we shall try to highlight some of them here and now. It should be noted that regimented exercises play a big part in giving relief when they are done under the due instructions of a therapist and a fitness instructor. What sort of lower back pain stretches then can you do to find relief and possible cure for your back and waist pains?

You can stand upright on your feet with your legs spread wide apart. You should then raise up your two hands above your head as you stand very straight without bending. Then slowly and systematically bend to your right hand side while your arms are still in the air with the full length of your body until you can no longer bend. Be sure that you are not bending forward on your tummy, but that you are actually stretching sideways to your right hand side. Hold this position for about 10 seconds and then slowly raise yourself upright again before stretching to your left hand side with your hands still in the air. Stretch fully again to your right and then again to your left, repeating this for say, 10 minutes. However, you must be mindful to keep your legs spread apart, but not too apart, so that you could support your weight as you stretch this side and that. Many people have found one of these lower back pain stretches very effective in exercising the waists and the muscles and ligaments around the discs in your lower spine; and many people have reported hearing their bones make light crack sounds as they stretch this way and that.

You may thereafter stretch forward and backward for as far as your back can take – yes, in a standing position with your legs stretched apart and your arms straight up in the air. After this is done, for many minutes and daily in your routine exercise regimes, you will notice dramatic improvements in your lower back pains. Other lower back pain stretches involves the use of swill balls and applying the hamstring exercise methods. With the swill ball, you can place the ball under your belly and stretch fully on it, stretching yourself forward and backward on it to help lubricate your spine and waist. You can also place the ball between your back and the wall, and then move against the ball placed behind you against the wall up on your knees and down again.

These lower back pain stretches help to strengthen your muscles to be exercised and strong, and they also help to ease up any tension and stress within these muscles and ligaments as they relate to your joints and the pelvic area.

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