Lower Back Pain Right Side

For the most part, we do not really give total particularity when it comes to our back as we think of it as an insignificant and a not so important part of our body. However, we fail to realize that our lower back or the lumbar area has a very important role for our whole being. Until such time that we only realize the importance of our lumbar area once we feel either lower back pain right side or left side or even both.

There are plenty of roles that our lumbar area has. It is known for its purpose of holding the weight of the body as we stand, bend and even as we eliminate our waste. Another role of the lumbar area is for the spinal cord and the nervous system support. In short, our lower back is very important since it serves as the whole body’s hinge which must be accorded with the care that vital organs must have.

However, we cannot really do away with unlikely circumstances concerning our lumbar area which sometimes lead to either lower back pain right side or left side and even most of the time both sides. This is very common especially when you have a fair share of strenuous day to day activities which require the use of your lower back intensively. Some of the other reasons why you might be experiencing lower back pain may also be rooted because of injuries, lack of exercise, poor diet, heavy physical work, obesity, imbalance when it comes to our muscles and also poor posture. And for the right side of the lumbar area, it is basically because of the kidney infection that might aggravate the pain.

Unfortunately, lower back pain is very prevalent among all people regardless of their social class, race, gender as well as age. But when people faced the wrath of lower back pain in their younger years, they must also expect that such scenario will be recurring as they grow old giving them more risk for it. On the other hand, for those people in their old age who are suffering from osteoporosis, they are also likely to experience lower back pain as their bones are brittle and weak. If the pain persists in a specific side of your back, may it be right or left, you must seek the assistance of a specialist so he/she can be able to address on what you can do about it. Primarily, you would be asked questions with regards to your sleeping conditions, eating habits, hobbies, careers as well as your overall back ground.

These things are very important in making sure that the doctor who will be assisting you will be able to know if he/she must do further tests. But if you would like to start early in preventing lower back pain right side or even left side, then you must start to exercise. After all, exercising is known to be the remedy for back pains.

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