Lower Back Pain Relief Exercises

As we all know, pain and fatigue in the lower back is a common symptom which may occur on everyone. According to the University of Michigan, it is caused due to the weakness muscles in your abdomen and spine which will prevent you from making correct posture. In order to ease back pain and fatigue, here are three categories of exercises which will strengthen the body if you insist doing it.

Examining exercises are very important because it will tell you which are right for your needs. You’d better to seek advice from your doctor before you are going to try following exercises if you are suffering from a back injury, like a herniated disk.

ⅠExtensor Exercises for Back Pain

Extend muscles, especially the gluteals and back muscles, help, will contribute to support the spine. You are less likely to suffer from lower back pain if you have strengthened muscles because it can bear more stress or pressure.

According to American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, wall squats are the effective exercise for the extensors that are at a not so high-intensity level. Firstly, stand with your back opposite to the wall, forward you feet one foot out away from your upper body, straighten you back against the wall and tighten your muscles in the abdominal part. And secondly, lower yourself till your knees almost at 45 degrees, keep this posture for five seconds or more, and then upward your body gradually. The effect would be better if you insist doing this for ten times.

You can squat in a similar way even if you are in a good physical shape. But there is no need for you to squat against the wall. Firstly, stand straight up and apart your legs for shoulder-width. Secondly, cross you arms to make sure your fingers can reach the opposing shoulders. Thirdly, squat into a sitting posture, and straighten back up. Fourthly, straighten your back and arch your lower back. It would be better if you could place a barbell on your shoulders. Anyway, it depends on your tolerance.

Ⅱ Flexor Exercises for Back Pain

Lower back is mainly supported by the abdominal muscles which are the flexors. Therefore, it is important to exercise and strength your abdominal muscles.

For the beginner who wants to strengthen the flexors, abdominal contraction is a good exercise. Firstly, lie down and bent your knees; secondly, back flat on the floor and placing your hands below your ribs; thirdly, tighten your abdominal muscles, trying to squeeze the ribs down toward the back. Keep this posture for about five seconds. Do breathe freely during the whole process. According to AAOS, you’d better to repeat this for 10 times.

Alternatively, you can step up the intensity of this exercise by doing the common sit-up, which is a U.S. Army’s basic exercise. It is a very effective exercise, especially in building your abdominal muscle. Fat your feet on the floor, and bend your legs. According to University of Michigan, you’d better not to do sit-ups with your legs straight because it will result in your strain or injury.

Ⅲ Oblique Exercises for Back Pain

Oblique mainly refers to the side muscles and your lower back exactly. The hip muscles play an important in stabilizing the spine and maintaining proper curvature.

According to University of Michigan, the prone hip extension exercise is a good way to strengthen the oblique and ease the low back pain. First, lie on the floor, on your stomach, with your legs straight out behind you. And then tighten your gluteal muscles and lift one leg about 4 to 8 inches gradually, straighten your knees. Keep this position for five seconds, and then repeat with the other leg. It would be better to do this exercise for ten repetitions.

To get best effect, you must obey the stetted routine strictly when working your obliques, flexors and extensors. Spine-Health.com says it would be effective even if you insist dong this for 10 minutes one day.

However, before trying to do these exercises, you’d better to see advice from doctor if you are suffering from back injury.

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    Thank you so much for these exercises. I will try them. Sometime I do have problems with my lower back. I hope they will help me get rid of this pain.

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