Lower Back Pain Relief Exercises

Apart from medical medications and dieting, you need a good dose of lower back pain relief exercises to really recover from severe back pain conditions. These three work hand in hand – medications, diets, and exercise. To treat lower back pain and to expect great results, you must be able to adhere to these three regimes. Unfortunately, due to work and family engagements, people do not have time to exercise as much as they need to do, and this is most needful for people who suffer from severe lower back pain conditions.

Meanwhile, you must be instructed in the type of lower back pain relief exercises to do if you want the treatment to be very effective, which is why you would need the supervision of your orthopedic surgeon and fitness therapist or instructor to really help with the following exercises:

i. Wall squats: With this exercise, you must stand with your back against a wall and your feet about 12 inches in front of you. You must then tighten the muscles of your abdomen and try to bend lower and then raise yourself up again against the wall. Bend your knees to about 45 degrees under you as you lower yourself down and then hold it for like 5 minutes before coming up again. Try to do this like about 15 times.

ii. Straight leg raises: This is another of the lower back pain relief exercises that people have found to be effective and without strain to the body. Here you lie on your back on the floor and bend one of your legs to the body, while you raise the other leg very straight in front of you and hold it for like a few minutes before lowering it again. Try to also tighten your abdominal muscles while doing this, and when you could do a leg for 10 minutes then you could bend it with the sole to the floor to also do the second leg.

iii. Single knee to chest stretch: With this method, you also lie back on the floor and raise one of your knees up your chest to almost touch your neck. Hold the raised knee for about 20 seconds before lowering it again for another raise up your chest. Be sure to repeat this for about 10 times on one leg before moving to the other leg for the same action.
iv. Hamstring stretch: Like any other lower back pain relief exercises, the hamstring stretch is very good for exercising the muscles and regulating the tendons and ligaments. With this exercise, you lie on your back and raise up one leg to about 45 degrees and then hold it in place with your hands behind the thigh or knee. Try to straighten your legs in a slow motion until you can feel some strain on the muscles on the thigh and waist, and then lower it after about 20 seconds. Do this 5 times before shifting to the next leg.

When you are able to combine these exercises with others like the lumbar stabilization exercises with Swiss ball, you will find that these lower back pain relief exercises work as much as your diets and medications complement them.

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