Lower Back Pain in Women

Most men would like to think that women do not experience lower back pains, but that’s not true. Lower back pain in women could nearly be as common as it is in men, and in fact, women are more prone to experience it due to the labors of pregnancy and childbirths. Women experience excruciating lower back pains in the right and left regions of their backs, and while men complain bitterly about theirs, most women take it as natural because of their child delivery experiences. Lower back pain in women comes in varying degrees of severity, and while some could be very mild, others could be very disturbing and painful. Nevertheless, what are the general causes of lower back pain in women and what are the symptoms to watch out for?

i.                    Pregnancy: Lower back pains among women could be caused by a myriad of combined factors, but pregnancy is most outstanding among these. As a baby develops and grows in the belly, its emerging size puts a strain on the spine and makes the woman to push her tummy forward to make up for balance. You will notice many pregnant women putting their palms on their lower back region to balance themselves when they want to sit down or stand up, and this is because the weight and size of their baby is impacting on the spinal cord, causing a little imbalance in posture.

ii.                  Bladder infections: When women have bladder infections or when they suffer from ovarian disorders or any form of uterine conditions, it influences negatively on them through symptoms of lower back pain. In this wise, when a woman is not pregnant and feeling severe lower back pains, she should consult her doctor so that proper examinations could be done to determine the underlying causes of her problems. Lower back pain in women often could be indicative of ovarian or uterine disorders and bladder infections, and these must not be taken lightly with ordinary medications.

iii.                Sedentary jobs: When a woman works for many years as a typist, cashier or computer operator, there is the likelihood that she develops lower back pains most especially if she is on the fat side.

What then are the symptoms a woman could see to know she has lower back pains? The symptoms vary from women to women, and these symptoms are always indicative of the underlying causes. Then a woman could see she is having muscle cramps and stiffness in the lower parts of her body. She might feel quick and sharp pains in her waist and buttocks, and many times, she might have pains in her legs. She might also feel some tautness in muscles around her hips and some occasional or persistent jabs of pain in her pelvic regions, most especially from her lower vertebrae discs. Lower back pain in women should be quickly diagnosed and treated by a qualified medical personnel.  The treatment procedure should include regimental exercises for maximum results. Your doctor or orthopedic physician and fitness instructor should be able to help further as you continue your treatment.

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