Lower Back Pain in Early Pregnancy

A lot of female are agonizing from lower back pain in early pregnancy even before they gain weight. This is because the hormones that bring about those ligaments that function in softening and stretching are easily emitted early in conception. Relaxin is one of those that are secreted.

When changing position on bed, lying down, climbing the staircase or sitting on a chair, there is this sharp pain experienced on one side that is often felt in the buttocks or hips. There are even moments when the ache just immediately vanishes but only for awhile and suddenly comes back when you do not even expect it.

It is really natural to gain weight when you are bearing a child. Then soon-to-be-mother’s center of gravity is entirely changed that adds more pressure on the joints and feet. To minimize lower back pain in early pregnancy, a lot of doctors say that the best management for the discomfort is simply prevention.

There are three things to do away with lower back pain in early pregnancy that include exercises particularly pelvic tilts, paying attention to the posture and appropriate lifting or bending. Others are:

  • When sitting or standing, make certain adjustments to relax your body
  • Let your feet be slightly elevated while sitting down.
  • Alter positions most of the time.
  • Do away with standing for long period of hours.
  • Place your pillows strategically- between your knees and under the abdomen.
  • Sleep on your side while one or both knees are bent.
  • Avoid bringing heavy mass of objects.
  • Do not bend over at the waist when lifting a smaller one.
  • Squat down then curve your knees and raise with your legs rather than the behind portion of your body.
  • Treat yourself with a hot or cold compression.
  • Try having a massage.
  • Make do with warm bath soaks and heating pads.
  • Use warm wet towels or hot water bottle.
  • Stay physically fit.


It is also a wise move to develop techniques especially when the behind portion of your body is enduring the strain of constantly carrying a baby in the womb. These exercises are helpful, too to mothers who are prone to carry their babies everywhere with them.

Statistics show that there are at least 50 percent of women who experience lower back pain in early pregnancy. They are really just susceptible to a lot of twinges for several reasons.  The factors will be briefly discussed below.

  • Extra weight- the more pounds added to your body is great for the baby but it may not be for you.
  • Gravity alteration- as the uterus is growing, your center of gravity gradually shifts forward.