Lower Back Pain In Early Pregnancy

Pregnancy is one of the most delicate times in a woman’s life. However, it is also a time when a person gets affected with lower back pain particularly during early pregnancy.

A majority of pregnant women complain of a constant discomfort due to lower pack pain in early pregnancy. This is something that every pregnant woman finds mot uneasy to deal with and look for respite from one source or the other. This pain actually occurs in the first trimester of pregnancy and no less than about 80% of women suffer from this condition. However, there are several causese for this back pain and some of the major ones are as follows:

A pregnant woman’s body requires expanding itself around the abdominal region that is also referred to as stretching of ligaments. This is one reason that they might feel a pain in the lower back region while the body makes certain preparations for delivering a child. The next reason for this condition is the weight building process that is common during pregnancy. As the size of the abdomen increases, along with the development of fetus, the spinal column loses its balance as it cannot provide adequate support to the body. The changes in posture that happens with an increase in the size of abdomen makes a pregnant woman bend in the backwards position resulting in back pain.

On the other hand, with the growth in the size of the uterus, there is a greater tendency to move forwards and eventually that disturbs the center of gravity and causes back pain. Although pregnancy is the happiest time in a woman’s life, it is also one of those times that bring immense stress due to which the muscles around the pelvis region weakens and contributes to back pain. Another thing that is related to lower back pain in early pregnancy is the hormonal imbalance.

Pregnancy is one of the most exciting periods in a woman’s life that is eagerly anticipated. the would be mother makes all the preparation for the arrival of a new one in the family. However, along with the happiness and the excitement there are a lot of health complications that develop during this time and one of the major ones among them is lower back pain in early pregnancy. A lower back pain is one of the most common phenomenons in pregnancy and results from several biomechanical and physiological changes that takes place. With the stretching of the abdominal muscles, a pregnant woman is most likely to get back pain in the early phases of pregnancy. While this also results in a change of posture , the muscular tissues that get stretched weakens the ligaments as a result of which the spinal cord becomes in capacitated to hold on to the normal structure and movements and as a consequence of the same, a woman gets back pain.

There are several exercises that a woman can perform during pregnancy to facilitate the delivery and also to reduce the lower back pain simply because there are a lot of medicines that a pregnant woman should never consume.

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