Lower Back Pain: Heat or Cold Treatment – When to Use Which

When you experience lower back pain you do not know when to use heat treatment or cold treatment for the pain; many people question when is the best time to use either type of treatments for their lower back pain. Most have found that the only way to answer the question about heat treatment or cold treatment and when to use them is to research what the benefits are from both. It has been found that most people who do not understand the way different things work they will not use them. So, it is better to do the research before any method of treatment is used on your lower back pain.

Example of a reason to use heat treatment or cold treatment on lower back pain

Some people suffer what is called sciatica. According to Collins English dictionary Sciatica is a form of neuralgia characterized by intense pain and tenderness along the course of the body’s longest nerve (sciatic nerve), extending from the back of the thigh down to the calf of the leg. There is a spasm that has occurred in your piriformis muscle; which, according to Merriam-Webster’s Medical Dictionary, is a muscle that arises from the front of the sacrum, passes out of the pelvis through the greater sciatic foramen, is inserted into the upper border of the greater trochanter of the femur, and rotates the thigh laterally. When this muscle suffers from an injury your body sends white blood cells to attack the problem. This means the problem are will not receive the proper amount of red blood cells to send the proper nutrients or oxygen to the problem are to help dispose of the waste products causing the problem. Without the proper amount of oxygen and nutrients this can cause a secondary problem called Secondary Hypoxic Injury. This means your injury has suffered from the lack of oxygen. This can cause a vicious cycle of lower back pain spasms.

Time to use heat treatment or cold treatment

The spasms that are associated with lower back pain can cause excruciating discomfort. This is the point that heat treatment or cold treatment comes into play. If you apply heat to the painful area this will ensure that more blood is circulated through the painful area and t will help to cool the area down. By using heat will bring more oxygen and nutrients to the area and help to heal the area by removing waste products. Cold treatment is similar to heat treatment. By using ice on the area blood will be sent to the area and will warm it up to help promote the healing process.

The best benefit you will experience from using heat treatment or cold treatment for lower back pain is that it will help reduce the pain by shutting down the nerves that signals the pain. *NOTE* Remember heat relaxes and cold numbs. If you do not feel it you do not constrict it. The use of rotating the heat and cold for a period of time, the pains and spasms will begin to subside and this will be when the healing process begins.

No matter the method you choose to relieve yourself from back pain, be sure you consult a physician first!

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