Lower Back Pain Exericses for Men & Women

If you are like a lot of people out there you may be looking for lower back pain exercises. If this is you, do not worry because you are not alone, if everyone that suffers time to time from lower back pain got together they could fill a stadium.

What people that suffer from lower back pain need to understand is that in order to get rid of most back pain not associated with the spinal cord you need to strengthen your core. The core is the main part of the body your chest, stomach and back. This core strengthening can be accomplished with many different exercises everything from sit ups to squats, and the list does not stop there.

The main issue with all of this is that if you already have lower back pain, how are you going to do any exercising and how do you know the source of your pain? The answer to this question is to see a doctor; the doctor can take x rays and MRI’s that can determine if your injury is in the spine or in the soft tissue.

If the injury is in the spine then that is a whole new can of worms and you probably do not want to do any exercising, if that is even an option. However if the doctor says your injury is in the soft tissue then finding lower back pain exercises is exactly what he or she will probably prescribe.

To begin you will need to rest the back muscles and let then at least begin to heal, next you will want to start slow with something low impact. Swimming or any kind of movement in the water is a great place to start. When you begin you will notice that having the water all around you takes away the impact of exercising on the floor.

Another benefit of the pool workout is that in the water your range of motion will be increased. Begin with some simple stretches to warm up the muscles. Place your hands on your hips and turn to the right as far as you can go and hold for a ten count, then do it on the other side. Do these two or three times per side.

Now you can hang on the side of the pool and pull your knees to your chest, sit in an L seat, if you have a partner stand back to back and pass a ball from side to side. Make sure you do these in sets of ten and do at least five sets of each exercise.

As you get stronger add reps and sets, then take the exercises out of the pool and add light weights. No one needs to suffer anymore, find the lower back pain exercises you need and improve your core’s strength today.

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