Lower Back Pain Causes

Low back pain is one of the most common problems that make people experience great deals of discomfort. Because of the great deal of pain that an individual might experience with this kind of condition, it can alter some of the societal and personal roles that he has. And when you are suffering from this kind of condition, you have to know the possible lower back pain causes. Based from experts in the field of health, there are so many reasons why lower back pain is occurring. And knowledge about this matter will surely help you a lot especially in its treatment and possible prevention.

Nerve Irritation

One of the possible lower back pain causes is nerve irritation. In fact, this is among of the direct reasons why this kind of condition is happening. Usually, the nerves which are located under the lumbar part of the spine can be aggravated because of the mechanical intrusion. The mechanical intrusion is because of some lumbar disc diseases, nerve swelling from shingles and other kinds of viral infection. Since any of these cases can trigger nerve irritation, the pain receptors in the vessels will be triggered leading to the development of the problem.

Bony Intrusion

Bony intrusion is also one of the possible lower back pain causes. This condition is the result of the movement or the growth of the lumbar spine vertebrae. Because of the growth of the lumbar spine, it will limit the spaces that are found in between the nerves as well as to the nearby spinal cord. The density that will be developed because of this is the major factor that will promote development of sciatica. The pain in this case will not just become localized in the lower back pain but will also extend down to the lower extremities of an individual. When it comes to the treatment of the case especially when this is the cause of the low back pain, it depends from the severity. The treatment may be composed of simple surgical procedure like decompression and other kinds of interventions.

Discs Sandwiching

Discs sandwiching is also one of the most common lower back pain causes. This is among of the lower back pain causes that are the reason why elderly people are suffering from this kind of pain. Since this is a degenerative related cause, the sandwiching of the lumbar discs will promote injury in the nerves. And experts are aware that when the nerves are injured, it will stimulate the attachment of the pain mediators in the pain receptors of the vessels. This will then result to the development of intense lower back pain. Like the aforementioned cause, the treatment may vary and most of the time, surgery is recommended to an individual.

Definitely, there are so many possible lower back pain causes. Aside from the determination of the lower back pain causes, it is very much important for an individual to seek medical consultation in the initial strike of the lower back pain. This is very much important in order to avoid worsening of the case brought by late intervention.

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