Lower Back Pain and Sciatica Pain Relief

The reasons for lower back pain or sciatica pain are many and various. In our daily life, any improper activities are likely to cause your back pain. Followings are some advice and tips for your daily activities.

● When you have back pain problems, what you should do first is to check your sleeping habits since incorrect sleeping habits or postures are more likely to cause your back pain. You should sleep on a hard mattress and place a pillow between your two legs. By doing this will remove some pressure on your lower back. Otherwise, if you sleep on your stomach, your back pain will increase surely. Besides, it is well known that water beds are good choices for back pain relief. Every morning when you get up, try to do some easy-doing stretching exercise, such as well-known “knee to chest stretch” exercise. Lie down on your back and place your hands in front of your knees and pull your knees to your chest and hold this posture for a 5 count.

● Do to pull your seat forward if you have to drive. This will keep your knees at the same level with your hips. However, there is no need for you to reach for the pedals. In case of slouch occurs, you’d better keep your seat in an upright position since this can remove pressure or stress on your lower back.

Do to place your butt back in the chair if you have to sit for work. You’d better sit with your feet flat on the floor. Get up regularly to stretch your lower back since long-time sitting will cause your back pain easily.

Generally in most cases, incorrect lifting is the very reason for your lower back pain. Do to bend your knees and straighten your back when lifting some heavy articles. You should focus on your legs but not your back. Before lifting, take in a breath and relieve it when lifting. Use your legs and waist not your back to keep the article close to your body. When caring an object, do not to extend your arms to the front or side since it will strain your lower back and sciatic nerve easily.


Except above tips, a pair of fitted shoes are also good for your back pain relief. Besides, your stomach muscles should be strengthened too.

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