Lower Back Pain And Muscle Spasms

To the adults, muscle spasm is the main and common reason for lower back pain. It is still unknown the reason for spasm. But it is well known that spasms can be invoked by mental pressure, such as lifting a heavy article improperly, or stretching too much. It is said that people with long-time sitting lifestyles are more likely to suffer from back spasms.

If you suffer from back pain which caused by muscle spasms, you may not able to bend in some directions, and sharp shooting pains may occur on you. So if you are in the trouble of back muscle spasms, you might to read this article carefully which will tell you how to alleviate or relieve your pains.

If your pain is the chronic one which will occur once a month, and at the same time, there is no obvious reason for this, you’d better to visit your doctor for better treatment. The reason is that there may be a more severe undergoing condition that leads to your muscles to seize.

If your symptoms are the severe and urgent one, your doctor may recommend you to take some prescription muscle relaxers since they are faster and more potent than over-the-counter medications. However, if you are going to drive, your doctor may not advise you to take it.

The prescribed muscle relaxer and a double dose of ibuprofen are the very first options for you if you feel a lower back muscle spasm coming on. Any kinds of back pain reliever containing magnesium salicylate, so does the aspirin.

Keep an up-right position. You may feel comfortable when lying on the back while you may not know that it will intensify your pain, and makes the spasm last longer. If a spasm occurs when you are on your back, do to turn on your side and use your arms support yourself up to get off the floor. It is wrong to get up at first since it will more likely to hurt your back.

Gentle movements, such as standing up, walking around slowly, are important in alleviating or relieving your spasm. If a sharp lower back pain occurs when you are twisting or bending, do not to turn too much but to walk straight.

Many people choose to lift their knees up to alleviate and even relieve the lower back pain which caused by spasm. Walk around talking high steps as the soldiers do in a marching band. Straight your back and keep it as possible as you can.

Besides, raising your arms in the air above your head can also relieve the muscle spasm since it could gently stretch the back muscles vertically.

In some cases, you are more likely to suck in your stomach, or bend down to pick up something. However, you may not know that it is the very simple posture that makes your back tense up. If you have to pick up something, you can squat with your legs spread to reach down with your back straight.

Choose to sit on a chair or stability ball with your legs apart when you have to sit to work, which will contribute to relax the lower back too.

Hot and cool compresses should be also within your consideration when the pain medicine has kicked in. In addition, gentle massages are very effective in relieving the rest of your back pain. You might as well to try them.

If you want to decrease the intensity of back muscle spasms or avoid it occurs in the future, you should insist on doing back strengthening exercises everyday. There is no doubt that the stronger your back muscles are, the faster they will recover from a spasm. So come on!

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