Lower Back and Hip Pain

Summary: Lower back and hip pain can be a source of immense trouble not only for the individual who is suffering from the same but also other members of the family. The individual who becomes affected cannot do normal or regular work during this pain and under such situations, family assistance matters a lot.

Body: The greatest disaster is that a majority of people are in the habit of neglecting this pain until it gets severe and makes them disabled almost. For this reason, the parents should start teaching their children about the correct sitting posture while they are in school. This will help them to prevent back pain to a large extent until there are further complications. However, lower back pain is often caused by constipation and the person who is affected should try to change the dietary habits and consume lots of water to avoid the consequence of back pain resulting from the same. It should be remembered by all that lower back and hip pain cannot be cured once it gets chronic or severe so it is better to consult the opinion of a medical practitioner before it gets worse.

There are lots of exercises that will help the consumers to get respite from back pain. It is bad enough if you are not doing your exercises regularly because the pain can trouble you more. On the other hand, you should always perform the exercises after consulting with an expert because the wrong moves can be detrimental for the pain. In other words, the exercises when done in the correct manner can help people to get relief from back and hip pain. Some people may suffer from occasional back and hip pain and while this issue may not be of much concern, chronic pain should not be ignored.

There is one category of exercise that is related to stretching of hamstrings in which the hamstrings get tightened and this causes a reduction in back pain. It is not easy to tackle hip pain even if you do exercises regularly leave alone missing it. Funny though it may sound, but most of the people do not know how to sit or walk and this is what causes the pain in the lower back and the hips. The modern day lifestyle that is sedentary has also contributed to back and hip pain where people keep sitting in front of the computer for hours. This habit has led to overweight tendencies that have been identified as one of the other major reasons for this pain.

In order to get genuine relief from the agony of back pain, you should work hard to eliminate bad eating habits and stick to a discipline as far as diet is concerned. In addition to this, regular exercises can also lead to relief when performed under the strict guidance of the physical trainer. The people who are affected with lower back and hip pain should be cautious and careful about their sitting and standing postures and consult a doctor for proper medications.

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