Low Back Pain Causes and Symptoms

Through this passage, you can get a general understanding about low back pain. If you suffering from a herniated disc or the spinal stenosis, please pay attention to the topics about herniated disc and lumbar spinal stenosis.

What is the low back pain?

The lower back is the very position that connects the upper body with the lower body. Hence, it undertakes most of your body’s weight. If carelessness, it may bring about low back pain which may hurt the back anywhere down the ribs and above you legs. Since the lower back play so important role in the body, it is more likely to be injured due to poor postures.

Lower back pain is a common symptom that may occur on everyone. Fortunately, there is no need for you to afraid of it because it may disappear by its own a few weeks later. However, you’d better to visit the doctor if your symptom lasted several weeks or seriously enough.

What brings about back pain?
Generally speaking, low back pain is caused by the overuse of you lower back, or strain and injury of your back bone. When you are playing sports, working in the garden, being tossed in a traffic accident, or lifting heavily furniture, it is probably for your back to be injured.

Age is also an important factor in back pain. As people grows older, your bones and muscles get loose, which may increase your chances of injury. The spongy disc could not provide enough cushions between the bones when it is being squeezed. The back pain can be caused when a disc bulges which lead to the pressure on nerves.

In some cases, if you are suffering from, compression fractures which cause by bone loss, sickness, or some spine problems, low back pain is more likely to occur on you.

Generally, it is really difficult for the doctors to know clearly the reasons for your back pain. However, it is sure that if you are under great pressure, your low back pain may affect you for a long time. So please keep yourself in a good mood.

What are the symptoms caused by low back pain?
The symptoms of low back pain are numerous and various. According to its causations, it would have some common symptoms. Such as be dull, feel you are at a single point or over a broad area, dizziness, etc. Sometimes, it may be accompanied with muscle stiffness.

Generally, low back pain is more likely to bring about pain, numbness or weakness in legs , and if seriously, the pain can spread below knee. In most cases, the symptoms in legs may occur on its own, if unlucky, it may accompany with low back pain.

At the end of the spinal, there exist many important nerves. If these nerves are compressed due to the pressure from the lower spinal, an infrequent while severe symptom, which is known as causa equina may occur. In some emergency cases when weakness or numbness occur on your both legs, or you loss the control of bladder or bowel, you must go to see doctor without hesitation.

According to its incubation period, doctors often divide the back pain into three types:
1.Acutely if the incubation period is less than three months. Generally, this kind of back pain will disappear after four to six weeks later with your home treatment.
2.Recurrently if the back pain occur again. However, it is a common phenomenon when the pain back again, and the majority of people may encounter this.
3.Chronically if the pain lasts more than three months and interrupt you life seriously.

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