Living With Arthritis

People continue to live and enjoy life despite the many problems and troubles that come their way.  Maybe because most people believe that it is how a person makes his life that it becomes more beautiful, meaningful, and valuable to him and to everyone around him.  The same thing with illnesses, too, people should treat it as part of something.  But, Sometimes there are those who feel so down and hopeless when they feel or realize that they are too sickly to make a difference, which shouldn’t be the case at all.  A person must learn to find his meaning and his worth, to make everyone feel the same thing as well.

If those people afflicted with a certain illness or disorder, for example arthritis — would see it as a nuisance, problem, or disturbance, for him to do something more and something better, then it would surely be so much trouble for him.  However, for those who continued living with arthritis following them around, yet they still manage to enjoy and be happy, then that speaks highly of them.  Living with arthritis hovering one’s moves and gestures isn’t easy, but in time and with constant practice, one’s healthy, lively, and lovely lifestyle will just run into place.  The worry is not actually on “living with arthritis”, but rather on how one makes living with arthritis still a normal, exciting, and fun-filled way.  Why would one deprive himself of the many active adventures and wonderful activities that life has in stored for him?  It’s not actually painful living with arthritis, if one sees “other things” besides the pain and uneasiness that arthritis is known for. 

Living with arthritis is just like living with someone dear to you.  It’s there to remind you to take your vitamins and medicines.  It’s there to remind you to get up and do your set of exercises.  It’s there to remind you that you are just human.  One mustn’t see it as a weakness, but rather a strength that one must bear with and carry on throughout his life.  If you really think about it, living with arthritis in your body is actually a blessing for you to slowly enjoy life — to walk slowly, to breathe afresh regularly, to eat healthily, to stop momentarily — especially with the hectic things and schedule that life these days are showing you.

If you think that living with arthritis is hard because you can’t enjoy the rough, tough, and rugged activities that you once enjoyed doing, that you can’t skip, jog, hop, and run the way you used to, that you can’t bend, carry, stretch, and turn the way you did, think again…It may just be giving you a new picture of life — in a slow-motion film — gracing one activity at a time, one moment at a time, one event at a time. Living with arthritis is life’s way of showing you that some things are best enjoyed in a slow and gradual movements.