Learn Why Whiplash Causes Chronic Neck And Back Pain

People driving in a car, even if they are good drivers, can often be involved in a car crash in which a car from behind rams into their car and this results in whiplash. All of the built-up energy in your body has to flex in the forward direction (on impact) and then it will whip back and then you have the numbing sensation of pain that is possibly the beginning of chronic neck and back pain.

Speed Of The Car

It generally does not matter how fast the car at the back was traveling at when it impacted your car. Nevertheless, to understand just why whiplash causes chronic neck and back pain you will need to get your doctor to study the mechanics of your car crash. This in turn means studying the velocity of the automobiles involved in the crash, the relative mass of each vehicle involved in the crash and also the angle at which the impact occurred.

Other than these factors, it is also necessary to know the position of your seat headrest and also the fact that you were or were not wearing a seat belt and lastly you will also have to find out what kind of bumper your car has.

To understand more about why whiplash can lead to chronic neck and back pain it is also necessary to understand the physical factors that affect your condition and these factors include your height and which position your neck was in at the time of impact which of course means understand whether you were looking up or down and what position were your arms in at the moment of impact. Contrary to popular conception the amount of chronic neck and back pain you will start feeling on account of suffering from whiplash does not depend on the speed at which the other car was traveling when it collided with your car. This strange fact is explained through studying energy absorption.

To put it simply, not all of the impact of the collision translates into whiplash and this is why you can experience varying amounts of whiplash-caused chronic neck and back pain. However what is not disputable is the fact that the chronic neck and back pain is often caused on account of damage to the soft tissues and because of misalignment of your spine. If you want treatment for your condition then the best person to treat your chronic neck and back pain is a chiropractor.

Back pain treatment is obviously different than the treatment you will need to get relief from chronic neck and back pain. For your back pain you might need to take medications in order to get relief though you should try and use natural treatments which are safe and effective and which will not cause any dangerous side effects that usually accompany taking of drug based medications.