Knee Pain Symptoms

Knee injuries may be acute or chronic, which develops for a period of time. The knee joint is a complex hinge. You can not bend, slide, glide and swivel without it. An acute knee resulting from an accident will change into a chronic knee injury after 20 years. When osteoarthritis develops, it causes the knee to collapse. Pain and swelling have close tie with knee injuries.

Knee Pain Causes

Knee injuries occur because of many reasons. Football players develop chronic knee problems due to constant wear and tear and continuous use. Sudden high bump and twist on the knee can tear the meniscus and the crescent-shaped cartilage which is between thigh and crus. If the bone in the knee cap breaks into pieces and cartilage is torn from its proper position, the pieces will float into the joint cavity. Once puncturing the knee joint, the knee is locked and injured.

Knee Pain Symptoms

Pain and swelling of the knee lead to knee injury. The knee joint may become unstable. When it pains, popping and snapping accompanies.
A traumatic event can lock up the knee joint and produce sharp knee pain. So if the knee does not work well, it is necessary to seek emergency medical help.

Knee Pain Diagnosis

X-rays is a common way to detect knee injuries, and visible dye in X-rays can be injected into the injured knee joint, which tend to make the patient to analyze.

Magnetic resonance imagery (MRI) likes a CAT scan. It radiates hundreds of individual particles to stimulate the affected knee and form a precise detailed image of the knee joint.

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