Knee Pain After Running

Jogging and running is considered one of the best exercises to keep one fit. However, for some, it could be tough, especially if you have problems with your knee. You might experience knee pain after running, especially after your stop to catch some breath. These are common occurrences and are experienced by many people either in one leg or on both the legs. The sensation felt might be a mild ache or writhing pain. Pains and aches resulting from running might be of a short duration or continue for hours or days even. Whatever be the cause, you might be looking for a permanent relief to get rid of this pain, once for all.

Knee pain during exercising can actually be an outcome from various conditions. This pain in the knee might be due to chronic condition like degenerative arthritis or a result of the misalignment of knee-cap that might be due to some old injury or some other condition.

A qualified, reputed health professional who is an expert in this area can diagnose the problem resulting in knee pain after running. The root cause of pain in the knee is most likely to be due to stress on it, irrespective of other conditions. You can also treat symptoms with the easily available home remedies like heat, ice or anti inflammatory medications as prescribed by the health professional. It is better to consult a good health care professional in the beginning itself.

You can take several measures to prevent the affected knees from getting jerks, shocks or pressure that might aggravate the pain. The first thing that needs an immediate look is the footwear. Check if it is giving the necessary support to your legs for running, if not then change for something else that is more comfortable and would take the stress out of your knee joint.

The next step is to change the running track. If you are running on a hard surface like road or concrete, then you might face a jarring impact on the knee while taking each step and thus injure your knee that will result in stress and pain on the knee joint after running. It is better for you to run on a treadmill or designed track, garden, playground or a dirt path. The best place to run or jog is on soft green grass that will have a soothing effect on your knees and legs. You can also wear a knee brace either on one or both the knees. Knee supports are easily available and can be easily used. It is also not expensive and can be found at a local store near your house or office. You need to look for a knee support that is properly fitting and is also available online. Knee braces help in reducing the impact on knee while running, considerably. They come in several styles and sizes and some of them are very compatible for running. By seeking good medical advice, you can get permanent relief from knee pain.

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