Knee Braces for Joint Pain

Knee joints are particularly vulnerable to injury and arthritis. You can choose various braces to protect your knee and avoid further injury to your knee. Meanwhile, you can also use braces to keep your healthy knees from being hurt when taking intense activity.

Hinged Braces

Knee injuries mainly refer to cartilage damage and ligament sprains. To get out of this situation, you can use a hinged knee brace to stabilize the joint when doing exercise. And this kind of brace is made up of two metal bars with a hinge connecting them. When you bend your knee, it can support an injured or weak knee, especially after a surgery.


If the hinged brace is cumbersome and tends to constrict freedom, a different one can be used for minor knee problems. It has small steel springs or Velcro-equipped wraps added.

Slipover Braces

If the knee pain spreads throughout the body, tendonitis, bursitis or arthritis develops at the same time. A slipover brace which made of neoprene material can provide support, because it keeps the joint warm and fasten healing.

Patella Braces

Another type of knee brace is used. It has an opening which is fixed tightly around the patella. It helps relieve the pain through holding the patella in place with the straps and pads.


Using knee braces for a long time can lead to atrophy of the surrounding muscles. Your brace shouldn’t become a substitution for stretching and shaping your knee. Different people have different opinions. You had better go to the hospital and ask your physician for advice. They will give you correct guidance to your symptoms.

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