Inversion Tables for Back Pain Relief

It is investigated that inversion tables are very effective in ease back pain and other symptoms, such as blood and lymph circulation, and it has been used for decades. Inversion can cripple lumbar pain and sciatica through the use of the force of gravity to decompress the spine gently and in a continuous way. What’s more, inversion tables are relatively less expensive than other treatments and it can be done at home by you.

Start gently with a 15 degree inversion for one or two minutes only. Then you should begin to feel the increased blood and lymph flow and a gentle stretch in your muscles even if it is a mild inversion. In the first week, you should do this once or twice a day to get used to it. If you feel uncomfortable, you can turn upright; and if 15 degrees is a piece of cake for you, you can increase it to 20 or 30 degree.

If you are comfortable with the basic sensation of inversion, you can try a 60 degree inversion, which will put you parallel with the back legs of a standard table roughly. The effects would be great if you could hold 5 to 15 minutes at 60 degrees once or twice every day. So do you best!

There are many stretches and exercises that you can do when you are in the 60 degree inversion since these stretches or exercises can decompress your spine greatly. Turn side to side or rock back and forth gently at the pelvis to stretch or relax your lower back. If you also suffer from neck pain, you can benefit a lot from rotating your neck from side to side. Similarly, if you have upper back pain problems, relaxing and breathing deeply can to ease your pain.

Exercises for the athlete are not meant for the relief of your back pain. However, you can do some vigorous exercise to strengthen your back and certain muscles in the fully inverted position. To the athlete, sitting-ups, reverses squats and back extensions at 90 degrees can provide the strenuous exercise. An upright squat uses the arms as the legs which are the same as an inverse squat, and a back extension uses the arms to push away from the table arching the back.

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According to the report of Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, after only eight inversion treatments, 88% of the 175 sufferers gained obvious improvement. Generally, the inversion table can be used for one year or more as regular ongoing treatment. However, before going to begin an inversion table, you’d better to visit your physician first. You must follow your physician’s instruction strictly. If you feel dizziness or pain, stop and turn upright at once.

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