How to Use an Inversion Table for Lower Back Pain

The inversion table is becoming more popular are we speak for treating lower back pain and other problems such as lymph circulation and poor blood circulation. In order to relieve lumbar or sciatica pain the inversion table will enable you to use the forces of gravity with the decompression of your spine. Most people prefer to treat his or her lower back pain from the comfort of his or her home. The inversion table is less expensive than going to a conventional chiropractor and can be used at home whenever you feel like using it without having to make an appointment.

Basic instructions on the use of an inversion table for lower back pain.

Do not jump into any type of treatment fast, begin slowly. At first you will want to use a 15 degree inversion. Use this inversion for up to two minutes. This simple two minute inversion will begin the process of increasing the blood flow and lymph flow by gently stretching your muscles. Do the 15 degree inversion for two minutes up to twice a day for the first week. This way you will come accustom to using the inversion table. *NOTE* be sure to turn in the upright position if you become uncomfortable. Once you become comfortable with the 15 degrees inversion you can increase to 20 to 30 degrees on the inversion table.

Then you do a gradual increase to 60 degrees. By this time you should be experiencing a wonderful sensation with using the inversion table. The 60 degree you will be parallel with the rear legs of the tables. If you use this table for at least five to 15 minutes at a time at the 60 degree level for at least twice a day most people will reap the benefits from inversion for lower back pain.

At this stage you can do basic stretches. While you are in the 60 degree position there are several simple stretches that will assist with the decompression of your spine. You can gently turn from side to side and rock your pelvis area and this exercise will help to stretch the lower back. An exercise to help relieve the tension from your neck you can gently rotate your neck from one side to the other and this exercise will help relieve pain in your neck. A simple basic breathing exercise can help to relax your upper back. Simply breathe in deeply a few times.

For the athlete

If you are an athlete you can benefit from the inversion technique while being inverted at the 90 degree angle. The inversion will not only relieve your back pain it can help you to build strength in your muscles with a few, more intense, exercises. While in the inverted 90 degree angle you can do inverse squats for your arms and upright squats for your legs. The back extension exercise you will use your arms and arch your back away from the table.

Make sure you ease into this routine with the inversion therapy for your lower back pain because you may get hurt or dizzy if you try to do too much at first. As always contact your doctor for his or her advice before you begin any treatment.

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