How to Treat Back Pain without Medicines

Actually, more and more US citizens are have low back pain problems. Generally, most back pains can be relieved by over-the-counter medications. However, you may not know that back pain can be alleviated or treated without having any medicines.

You should have a good understanding about your back pain, such as when did your symptom begin? How long has it lasted? What were you doing when the symptom began? You may have a medical condition that requires your attention if you can remember a specific situation when your pain began. But if your pain just seems to come and go, you may as well to try the following ways to relieve or alleviate your low back pain.

Give a Careful Analyze on Your Pain. Check whether you have sciatica or not. Sciatica is the pain that may reach to your legs when your back is in some specific areas. Check whether you have suffered from muscle spasms about the waistline in the back. These pains sometimes are the unbearable one. However, some of them may be relieved or alleviated even without medicines and profession doctors.

● Throw Your Wallet or Purse Away
We are more likely to sit on a wallet or carry a purse. Actually, sometimes wallet and purse are the two main reasons for causing your pains. If you have to take wallet or purse, you can put them in front of your pocket or just take a money clip. Alternatively, you can take a small portfolio to replace your large purse or shoulder bag, which would be better to your back.

● Adjust Your Poor Posture
Change to sitting on your right buttock and crossing your ankles if you had been used to sitting your left buttock and cross your legs. Change to sit on a cushion instead of a hard chair. Change to stand on your other foot instead of standing on one foot all the time. Change to watch TV from other side instead of from a fixed angle. Most of our low back pain can be relieved or alleviated through these simple but hard to changed daily activities since you have been used to your poor or incorrect ones.

● Take it Easy! It Needs Time
To relieve your low back pain completely, you should not have expected it would be cured in a short time. Facts shows that time can ease your pain that you think it is a chronic one.

● Lose Weight
Start to lose weight if you are in some overweight since medical evidence shows that lots of our back pains are resulted from being overweight. You’d better to seek advice from your doctors before you are going to go on a diet since it is not a good choice in our common sense.

In a word, your pain can be relieved without having any pills, medications. It cured for free. Congratulations!

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