How to Relieve Neck Pain

The neck is easy to be attacked by stress and strain. As a result, many people develop moderate or severe neck pain. These tricks can assist you in reducing your neck pain and more than that, it perhaps keeps the pain from recurring.

Step 1
Heating works very well in relieving sore and painful neck muscles. You can apply a wet towel or heating pad to the painful area, or you can take a hot shower. But remember: heating should not last too long because too much heat can worsen the symptoms and lead to more pain.

Step 2
A lot of the sore and rigidity in our necks originate from nervousness and unaccountable worries. Try to work out what makes you feel great pressure and find some solutions to solve it. Find out the best way to relax yourself. Progressive relaxation and abdominal breathing are ideal options for you. They are very effective in reducing muscle tension and general mental anxiety.

Step 3
Posture is closely related to neck pain. With the head moving forward for every inch, the neck bears ten more pounds of you head weight! Let your shoulders drop naturally in both sides. Keep your head aligned with your neck and spine. In order not to aggravate your neck pain, you should keep proper posture. To achieve this, you need to check your pose now and then daily.

Step 4
Massage proves to be very effective in relieving neck pain and putting your muscles at ease temporarily. Let your partner massage your neck and shoulders with gentle or temperate force. Massage in circles with oil or lotion. Let him or her rub your neck and shoulders with firm force and downward stokes. Make sure the massage last for 10-15 minutes.

Step 5
You also may do gentle stretching exercises to prevent neck stiffness. Some beneficial neck exercises include:

Sit or stand in an easy position
Tuck your shoulder blades together
Pull your chin back so that it is aligned with your shoulder and hip
Stare straight forward
Move your head slightly
Have your shoulders down naturally
Relax and sustain for 5-20 seconds

Step 6

Gently move your neck towards the right side. Let your right ear cling to your right shoulder. Maintain for 5 seconds. Then slowly regain the original posture. Go on with your neck bent towards the left side. Maintain for 5 seconds and return to the original position. Repeat 5 times.

Step 7
Gently move your head to the left to extend your neck as far as possible. Sustain for 5-10 seconds. Go on with your head turning to the right as far as possible. Maintain for 5-10 seconds. Do this for 3 times.