How to Relieve Lower Back Pain

Almost all of us at some time in our lives will experience lower back pain. It is certainly one of the most common forms of pain that is usually due to strain or the overuse of muscles in the lower back area. It often occurs when we either push ourselves a little too hard or perhaps bend over to pick up an object without our muscles being ready, causing them to spasm and create pain. Many of us wonder how to relieve lower back pain.

Fortunately, most cases of lower back pain is temporary and there are several methods you can use to both relieve the pain and even prevent some instances of getting lower back pain again. How to relieve lower back pain is a question many of us ask and some of the solutions can be found right in your own home.

The following remedies are for the occasional lower back pain caused by muscle strain, overuse or spasms that result from the muscles being used in a manner not normally performed. All of these conditions are temporary and the pain will fade over time. If you are experiencing continuing back pain that does not let up, it is advisable to contact your physician promptly.

Rest: Perhaps the most common way to relieve lower back pain is to take the pressure off the overused muscles and take it easy. Lying down or leaning back for longer periods of time will help to stretch out the muscles and let them heal. After you recover the muscles should be put back to light work and exercise is a good way to keep the muscles in shape and help prevent future occurrences of lower back pain.

Exercise: Light stretching and simple to perform exercises done at a moderate pace is a good method of how to relieve lower back pain. You will want to start slowly of course and warm up the muscles, but light exercise can help lower the pain noticeably.

Heat/Cold: One of the most common methods of relieving pain is to place a cold pack or heated pad on the muscles affected. Cold will reduce swelling while heat helps to loosen up the muscles. You will want to choose the one that works best in reducing your pain. For most cases, a heat pad that isn’t hot enough to damage the skin can take a significant edge off the pain.

Pain Relievers: For most cases of lower back pain, simple over the counter pain relievers will work just fine. Ordinary aspirin is a good reliever of lower back pain as it promotes blood flow which can help loosen the muscles and reduce the levels of pain and discomfort. If you feel you have sustained a more serious injury such as a muscle pull however, it is recommended that you contact your physician for prescribed medication.

How to relieve lower back pain does not require a great expenditure of money, only a little time, patience and using one or more of the standard methods consisting of rest, exercise, heat or cold compresses and over the counter pain relievers can reduce lower back pain significantly.

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