How to Prevent Spinal Stenosis

In most cases, the lumbar spinal stenosis is resulted in the changes of the spine as people grow older. Although it is difficult to prevent these age-related changes, however, it is possible for you to control the severity of spinal stenosis, which may keep your back healthy. It is all effective to back healthy if you do regular exercises and properly stretches, keep a healthy body weight, and display good posture, etc.

Generally, smokers are more likely to suffer back pain and disc problems, which may loose their bone, and then increase their chances of bone deterioration. Furthermore, it would be more difficult for the smokers to recover even after a spinal fusion. Therefore, once you find out you have disc problems or back pain, limit you smoking as possible as you can. Of course, it would be better if you are non-smokers.

We cannot forecast the spinal stenosis, however, we can take some measures to control it to deteriorate further. If you have the symptoms of pain, weakness, and numbness in your legs, you are more likely to fall down. It may deteriorate you spinal stenosis when falling.

Therefore, in your daily life, you should take some measures to avoid falling. Here are some suggestions:

Firstly, reduce the use of alcohol and sedative medicines that may cause your drowsiness or dizziness.

Secondly, putting away all barriers, such as slippery floors, poor lighting, electrical cords, etc. which may lead to your falling.

Thirdly, take medicines under the instruction of the health doctor. If you have more than one doctor, you should review medicines with your previous professionals frequently. Taking medicines, such as sleeping pills, painkillers, may increase you chances of failing.

Fourthly, wear low-heeled shoes as possible as you can. It may not only cause you falling but also hurt your ankle.

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