How to Prevent Back Pain

It is said that every one of us has the possibility to have back pain problems throughout our whole life. Here are some easy-doing ways to keep your back in good condition. Below are some important ways to prevent back pain.

● Sit Correctly
Lying flat on the floor, and higher your hips by placing a pillow under your lower back.

Attention: Your muscles can get relaxed through it. However, do not cross your legs while sitting since it will add pressure on your hips and sciatic nerve, and what’s more, it will block the blood flow in your legs.

● Check Your Handbag
Overweight bags will result in curved back. Then, neck, shoulder and back pain may occur when your are trying to overcompensate by hiking up the other shoulder

● Lower Your Heels
Lower your heels as possible as you can since high heels are really bad to your back, which may cause your back pain. Do wear flats as possible as you can if you are not able to switch to 1 inch or lower heels. Higher heels will through off your center of gravity which will lead you to lean backwards to overcompensate.

● Check Your Wallet
Do not sit on your wallet since it will put pressure on your sciatic nerve. Check your wallet to take out the unnecessary articles. Otherwise, you may as well to put your wallet in your front pocket

● Lift Correctly
Do be careful when you are going to lift some things. Correct posture is important to your back. Bend your knees and tighten stomach muscles to keep your back aligned correctly and properly.

● Take Back Breaks
Stretch your back if you have sat for 15 minutes or so. Neck rolls and back stretches are recommended.

● Go for a Walk
Go for a walk whenever you can since long-time sitting will deprives your back muscles of oxygen and tighten your muscles. Then back pains are more likely occur.

● Other Effective Remedies
ˉ Take vitamins for chronic back pain, take Vitamin D supplements
ˉ Take ibuprofen for temporary relief
ˉ Heating pads or heating wraps
ˉ Lie down on the floor and rest your legs on a chair or coffee table, and then bend your knees bent at a 90-degree angle or so.

Attention: Go to visit a professional doctor for more personalized treatment if you suffer from chronic back pain, which affect your quality of life seriously.

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