How to Avoid Back Pain Occurs Again

How can you prevent low back pain from returning?

In most cases, low back pain is more likely to occur on you again even if it has been treated before. In order to keep your back healthy and avoid it occurs again, you’d better do as follow:

In your daily life,
1. Whenever you are sit, stand or walk, keep a good posture as possible as you can
2. Do some daily regular exercises, such as, walk, swim, or ride a stationary bike. Do stretch you body before these exercises.
3. Avoid wearing high-heeled shoes as possible as you can
4. Sleep on your side on a moderate-firm cushion which may relieve you stress.
5. Control your weight. Being too fat, especially around your waist, will place great pressure on you back, which may cause your back pain.
6. Do not lift too heavy furniture. Bend your knees and straight backward, keep the furniture close to you belly button as possible as you can. Do not to lift and twist at the same time. For further requirements, please see a picture of correct lifting skill.

In you work time, if you sit or stand too long,

1. Sit or stand up straight with you shoulder back forward slightly. Anyway, be careful your posture.
2. Avoid broken chairs.
3. Have a break or walk around regularly.

If your job requires lots of bending, reaching, or lifting, please:
1. Have a talk with you HR. Department to seek other ways to do you work.
2. Do not rely on a back belt since there is evidence to support that it can reduce your risks of injuries. What you can do is to think out a good skill or technique when there is a need for bending, reaching, or lifting.

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