How to Get Rid of Sciatica Numbness

Sciatica is often a bulging or a painful herniated disc symptom in your lower back. According to, pain of sciatica could run down the buttocks as well as legs which causes you can not to feel the body areas or feel numbness of them, these areas include feet or toes. You can use a combination of exercise, medication, immobilization, heat, ice and rest to resolve or remove numbness by sciatica.

Cease to do all the exercise as well as physical activities at once and have a rest over a few days when you should wear back brace while there is a need for you to work or to move around.

Have two naproxen or ibuprofen pills each four to six hours till your sciatica numbness disappear.

Put a big towel upon the ground or a sofa and place an icepack above it. Lie down in purpose of the ice compressed against your pain source directly. Keep this for 15-20 minutes. Do repetition each three or four hours. Continuing ice treatment till the pain and inflammation of your back have been improved.

If the initial inflammation can be controlled, have a use of a heating pad several times a day for about 15-20 minutes. Continue accepting heat therapy till your numbness and pain disappear.

Lie down with your back facing the ground while both of your feet are on the floor and your knees are up. Press the lower part of your back gently against the ground. Keep this for 2-5 seconds, and relax. Repeat this for ten times. When still lying down, grab your both knees then make them pulled towards your chest. Keep this for 2-5 seconds, and relax. Do 10 repetitions. Put both of your hands and knees upon the carpet. Lift the right knee slowly from the carpet and make your best to extend it backward, making it fully extended. Keep this for several seconds, and bring back and down your leg. Repeat this movement for your left leg. Do this 10 times with every leg.

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