How to Ease Foot Arthritis Discomfort

Because most if not all of man’s activities involve the use of the feet, you can imagine how hard it is for people suffering with foot arthritis to function daily. Walking and getting up is painful. Running may be unthinkable. That is why for these people it is crucial to find ways to ease arthritis discomfort and pain.

While some women with foot arthritis do not mind giving up high-heeled shoes, many are just not willing to do so. The good thing is, with the right type of shoe, even high-heeled ones, arthritis discomfort may be relieved. Many doctors actually recommend this simple solution of wearing comfortable shoes to reduce arthritis discomfort instead of resorting to surgical treatment, which has a long recovery time with uncertain results.

For women with arthritic feet, flat shoes are recommended for everyday use but if choosing heels, they should not be more than an inch high. Chunky heels with wide toes will be more comfortable on the feet than thin heels with pointy toes because the latter will put more pressure on your toes.

In addition, choose shoe uppers that use soft and breathable material that will be able to stretch if the foot swell and will inhibit foot ulcers. Shoes with Velcro closure or laces are also ideal because you can loosen them if you experience swelling in your feet.

The ideal shoes to relieve arthritis discomfort are athletic shoes because they generally offer good cushioning and support for the ankle and foot. Optionally, you can have orthotics custom designed for you by an orthotist or podiatrist. An orthotic is a device such as a brace that provides support to the feet to aid mobility.

In addition to wearing comfortable footwear, there are other ways to relieve foot arthritis discomfort and pain. For example, stretch your foot from the ankle upwards and then downwards. Scrunch down your toes, flex them up, make circles with them in the air, spread them as far apart as you can and then bring your toes to its normal position.

Another effective way to lessen arthritis discomfort in the feet is to massage your feet using circular motions with your fingers on the top and bottom of your foot. It is much better if you ask someone else to give you a foot massage. In addition, soaking your feet in warm water or in a foot massaging tub will also help alleviate foot arthritis discomfort.