How to Ease Back Pain Caused by Trigger Point?

In most cases, you are not able to stand stable because the pain on your back is squeezed together seriously. Generally, our back pain can be eased with massage by therapist. Unfortunately, if you suffer from pain on your back between your shoulder blades, it is difficult to be removed by your therapist or anyone you think reliable. However, it is not incurable.


It is important for us to understand what and where the trigger points are. Generally, they are located at deep tenderness in our tissue, and we may feel pain when we touch or push it.  Referred pain is the pain which originated from the point of touch and then spread into almost all parts of our body. For example, a pain may extend upward our neck and ears areas when we push on a point on our trapezius.

Trigger points may scatter throughout our body. But trapezius, neck and between the shoulder blades are the three common sections of congestion. The effective way to ease or remove the trigger points is to pressure stably until our muscle gives up and becomes relaxed; and the effective way to get rid of this kind of pain is through our massage therapists. However, you are not able to appoint with a massage therapist, you may as well to try a golf ball and a blank wall to get you.

After reading this article carefully, I think you can find an effective way to ease your trigger points.

So how to relieve your trigger points through a golf ball and a blank wall? First, stand about an inch from the wall with your back toward the wall, and place the golf ball between you and the wall at exactly trigger points. Put the ball as close to the trigger point as possible as you can if you cannot reach the right point.

Lean your body weight on to the spot directly; push on your pain point stably. Roll the ball into the right position through your body if the ball is close but not on the exactly point. Your pains are more likely to disappear when you hold the pressure for one minute at least. Repeat to do this for three times. After the third attempt but the tissue has not eased, it shows that your tissue has not been ready yet. So what you should do is to leave it alone and continue to do it latter.

You could become skilled enough to roll the ball all along your erector spinae muscles between your shoulder blades, and along your neck for maximum back pain remove through this simple exercise.


● Yes, a golf ball is very effective in a pinch. However, we cannot deny that a golf ball cannot replace the positive energy exchange which instructed by a professional body worker or your massage therapists.

● As to the amount of pressure, it depends on your pain tolerance. But the pressure should be deep enough to rebuild the referred pain or not so deep which will make you scream or shout because of the pressure.

● You can do this with your clothes on, but it is better not to wear bra if you are female.

● If you feel pain, swelling, heat, and redness because of the inflammation, stop to use golf ball.

● Golf ball cannot be rolled over; and do not push pressure on the vertebrae or other bones directly.

● This practice cannot be used on bruised tissue.

● Put smaller pressure at the 12th ribs (that’s the floating ribs) if working on the erector spinae muscles.

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