How to Cure Arthritis Pain Naturally?

It is a common notion that arthritis is a sickness that only the elderly can have. It is a feared illness of some 40’s, 50’s or 60’s something elders. When we get through that age, we usually associate our body with pains and aches making us more fragile and unproductive to do things we usually do. However, arthritis pain is not only for the elderly. Everybody can have it. The one I just related is the common osteoarthritis, the arthritis pain of the aging. There are many forms of arthritis pain that even one can’t recognize until he feels the sign.

Arthritis pain  is a prehistoric discomfort with modern and traditional remedies. Natural remedies of this illness of the joints are better than the diagnosed or prescribed ones. Why? Because they can be cheaper or are convenient to have and they are less acquired monetarily.  

Some of these remedies can be only found in your kitchen or in your refrigerator. Some are exotic and even are eccentric. Some even are common.   Let me cite a few of these:

Ginger – is a common herbal plant that is also considered a spice, an ingredient for cooking.  The potency of this herb is more than a myth. Eating a few slice of this can alleviate arthritis pain. However, its tangy taste is not so good to chew. It is better to include this in soups or other foods to make its taste less conspicuous but still beneficial.

Molasses – the sweets popular among the Brits. It is a beneficial appetizer taken every morning to alleviate the joint pain.

Cherries – popular among the Japanese, this tiny fruit is what we have seen as a topping in our ice cream bowl.  It is a good source of magnesium and potassium, minerals that are also natural painkillers.

Bee stings – is an eccentric remedy, which could be taken by many as a weird way to cure arthritis pain.Strange but true, this is what some German, Swiss and British doctors have found. These doctors regard the venom as a traditional therapy that can stimulate the immune system to make it counter-reactive to irritations or pains brought by arthritis.


Exercise – the most common remedy but only a few applied this. The healthy lifestyle of exercising everyday is the surest way to curb the pains of arthritis or at least bit by bit. When we move the body, we normally use the joints. Gradual application of pressure in these parts can resist some of the arthritis pain and can even ease it or the better, eliminate it. This can be done through careful exercise.

Take some of these or maybe all and you will finally experience the feeling of being arthritis pain- free!