Home Treatment For A Pinched Sciatic Nerve

In our body, the sciatic nerve is the largest nerve which runs from the bottom of our spinal cord to the feet. In most cases, a mild or serious throbbing of the back and leg are more likely to occur when the vertebral disk bulges out of the original position and pinch the sciatic nerve. If so, you can follow following instructions.

● The first idea appear in your mind is to see your doctor, orthopedic surgeon, or someone who is specializing in it.

● Take some effective medications, such as aspirin or ibuprofen to relieve discomfort, to relieve your discomfort. Aspirin is really very good since it not only relieves or alleviates your sciatic pain but also contributes to preventing the pain comes again on to you again.

● Lie on the back and place one or more pillows under your knees. The pressure on your sciatic nerve can be removed gradually through this.

● If your sciatic pain is serious enough, do to rest on a hard mattress or on the floor. Alternatively, stay in bed for three days continuously, and do not get up unless you have to.

● If you have to get up to have a bath or a shower, for fear of your back get strained while getting up and down, ask for help please.

● Place a hot or cold pack onto your back and upper legs. The effects of the two packs are different. In some cases, ice pack will work better than heat one. However, a heating pad will work better in relieving your pain. Anyway, you might as well to try both to check which one works on you better.

● Do to avoid lifting heavy things.

● Soft chairs will worsen your situation.

● If chronic and serious sciatic pain occurs on you, you had better to ask your doctor for some prescription pain relievers.

● In case of constipation, you should eat more fiber, fruits and vegetables in your daily diet. Constipation will invoke the sciatic nerve.

It should be within your consideration to have a disk operation or a special enzyme injected into the disk if your sciatic pain is severe enough or affects your normal walking. Bed rest has been the standard treatment since the 1930s although it has not been proven to be effective in treating a pinched sciatic nerve yet. If the bulging disk is not repaired by surgery, sciatica is more likely to occur on you again. Your pinched nerve can get alleviated or even relieved in a few days, but this will take you several weeks. In case of re-injury, use a weight belt if you have to lift some heavy articles. Do not to try to “walk off” a pinched nerve. Before taking part in any activity connected with health and diet, you had better to seek advice from a physician or other health care professional if you have any worries or concerns. Honest speaking, the above information in this article is not going to replace the professional medical advice or treatment given by related experts, but you might as well to check whether there work on you.

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