Herniated Disc Exercises

People suffering from herniated discs might experience pain due to its symptoms. However, by choosing the correct herniated disc exercises the lower back can be healed within a short time frame. Before starting the stretching exercises, you need to keep in mind the fact that many of the exercises might not be suitable to us because of the injury on our lower-back and can only aggravate the condition.

With so much pain to bear from the herniated disc symptoms, any exercise even easy might cause you trouble and extra pain. Hence, the utmost necessary for choosing the correct set of herniated disc exercises, which when followed regularly and religiously can reduce the pain to the lowest point and provide you relief in the long term.

By following a few ordinary stretching exercises, you can easily get rid of the persisting pain in your back. Infact, there is no alternative to exercises when it comes to treating herniated discs.

  • Place your chest, hips and stomach face down in the prone position. Now gently place the lower back into extension and prop up the upper body onto the elbows. Now try to stretch your back muscles to the bit where you feel the pain. Repeat these positions till you feel tired.


  • The second exercise is somewhat similar to that of the first exercise. Stay in the prone position that you were in. Now, stretch and straighten the hands and push the palms to form a body curve. If you experience severe pain in doing it, then continue lightly and slowly. Note that by doing this, the lumbar muscles are stretched right at the point of disc herniation. In the initial stage, this might cause a lot of pain, but you will feel relaxed once you get used to the exercise.


  • Another set of exercise can be performed each morning at the time of waking up or just before sleeping. Let your legs be raised straight. If you are facing trouble stretching the legs, you can ask somebody in the house to help you do it. However, if you face it an issue to raise both your legs at the same time, then it is advisable for you to try lifting one by one. But, if you are really unable to raise any of your legs, then lie on the back in your bed with legs bend and feet pointing the bed. This is considered to be a simple exercise than the one previous.

These herniated disc exercises, which when practiced regular can give the desired results and can relax the person suffering from pain. By trying these exercises, you might feel pain in the initial stages, but gradually with regular practice will find it relaxing and regain your strength back. These exercises should do be done on a regular basis and should not be missed if you want to heal your herniated disc in the lumbar region. If possible try to do these herniated disc exercises few times to get effective results.

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