Herbal Treatments for Gout

In times when people are turning to natural remedies in hopes of curing their ailments, it is not surprising that herbal remedies are being sought after for gout treatment. More people are beginning to realize that prescription drugs, used to treat diagnosed conditions, including gout treatment, may help their initial concern but may cause side effects with bad repercussions. This is especially true when the patient is taking multiple medications. Although physicians write the prescriptions, they are not always aware of how one medication will interact with the others. It is usually the pharmacist who may discover this and notify the physician.

Gout is a health condition resulting from an accumulation of uric acid crystals in various joints, causing pain, inflammation, irritation and itching, especially affecting the big toe. The build up in the protein metabolism results in overproduction of uric acid or decreased elimination of uric acid from the kidneys. Those who are affected have a higher than normal level of uric acid in the blood Uric acid usually remains dissolved in the blood. Needle shaped crystals are formed in the joints and bring on attacks of gout when there is too much acid in the blood. When people are healthy, the kidneys filter out uric acid. Gout may also affect joints in knees and wrists Attacks usually occur in the early hours of the day and may last from a few hours up to a week. Symptoms may include a low fever and loss of appetite.

The presence of kidney stones, which contain uric acid, could be a serious complication as it can damage the kidneys. Gout mostly affects middle age men but some women are affected following menopause. Gout can also occur in connection with some other diseases, such as diabetes, anemia, kidney problems, obesity effects of certain drugs that increase the uric acid levels, and excessive consumption of proteins in one’s diet, such as red meat, shell fish, liver, carbohydrates, and lack of proper exercise and stress. Gout can also be hereditary or caused by alcoholic beverages.

Herbal remedies for gout treatment consists of herbs that help eliminate waste products, cooling, soothing agents, liver cleansers and blood purifiers. A good anti-gout diet should contain vegetables, soybeans, tofu, salmon, olive oil, water, grains, fruits and legumes. The best treatment is to avoid the causes and use herbal supplements to correct the uric acid metabolism. There are many natural herbs used for gout treatment, which lower the uric acid levels. Ayurveda herbs are the most effective herbal remedies in the treatment for gout, offering quick relief. Fruits, such as cherries, blueberries, blackberries, Alma berries, are also effective natural remedies for gout treatment. Additional remedies include vitamin C, vitamin B complex and fish oil, which decreases the uric acid levels in the body and converts the uric acid into non-harmful components. Apple cider vinegar helps balance the PH level in the blood and removes gout-causing toxins from the body.

Water keeps the joints lubricated and helps eliminate uric acid crystals and other toxins through the kidneys. Consuming two to three liters a day is the best natural gout treatment. It is easy to understand why more people are utilizing herbal remedies to treat gout.

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