Hemochromatosis: improper processing of the body’s dietary iron

Most of the autoimmune diseases become dangerous because first, it affects its own body — whatever’s in your body attacks the healthy tissues within it, which weakens the body as a whole.  There is also a case, which the body is not able to circulate, flow, or process well that it results to a complication of an area or organ in the body.  some cases also show that the body, with too much intake of something, harms it as a whole.  This is why it is most important to know the reasons or causative agents of these diseases so appropriate treatment can be given and proper therapy can be applied.

Based on the scenarios mentioned above, a good example of these types of diseases is hemochromatosis.  This is usually a hereditary type of disease that is characterized as the improper processing of the body of the dietary iron taken in, thus causing it to accumulate in the body tissues.  This situation will become worse as the accumulated iron deposits will lead to organ dysfunction.  A patient will get a warning signal that he may have hemochromatosis or may begin to show signs of iron overload, when he feels, experiences, and observes these symptoms: malaise, liver cirrhosis, insulin resistance, erectile dysfunction, hypogonadism, decreased libido, congestive heart failure, arrythmias, pericarditis, arthritis, deafness, dyskinesias, dysfunction of the pancreatic gland, adrenal gland, parathyroid gland, pituitary gland, testes or ovary, skin pigmentation, and more.  It is because of the commonality of its symptoms that patients must be aware that these symptoms may be attributed to some other types of diseases, that’s why a thorough laboratory or clinical procedure must be done before a diagnosis of hemochromatosis can be given.  Although there are several symptoms or signs being enumerated, patients must also know that it’s possible to have clinically-silent symptoms — meaning, they don’t suffer any symptoms or show signs of the illness, but hemachromatosis is there.

Hemochromatosis must be detected while it is in its initial or early stage for possible lighter medication.  Depending on the complications or effects of hemochromatosis, other treatments must also be followed and applied like the treatment of organ damage or affected parts.  For preventive and control measures, patients must avoid or limit intake of alocholic beverages, vitamin C, red meat, and seafood, while increase intake on substances that inhibit iron absorpton like high-tannin tea, calcium, and food rich in oxalic and phytic acids.

Hemachromatosis can also lead to some other complicated diseases and disorders, that’s why one must learn to fight this to prevent other illnesses, which may be fatal.