Gout Symptoms

Gout is among of the forms of arthritis that can affect an individual. Based from statistics, gout affects more men as compared to female. This is primarily acquired from ingestion of foods high in purine level. Moreover, this is also affected by some illnesses like hypertension and leukemia. The gout treatments vary, and you can get an access with the non-pharmacological as well as medical treatment from the condition. But before getting an understanding with the possible treatments for gout, you have to learn first some of the gout symptoms that may occur to you.


One of the first gout symptoms that may be felt by an individual is fever. Based from the information sources on the internet, the presence of fever is because of the infection that may occur to an individual. Fever is the first sign of infection, and this serves as warning symptom in order for an individual to seek for medical advice. Aside from the generalized fever, there is also localized increase in temperature of the affected joints. There are some medications that you can take in order to provide a solution from fever.


One of the most common gout symptoms that affect all patients of this condition is pain. Pain is due to the deposition of increase uric acid in the joints of the affected individual. Once the increase in the uric acid lead to the development of tophi or uric acid crystal, it will deposit in between the spaces of some joints in your body. This will then trigger the pain receptors present in your nerves, which will lead to the initiation of pain. Therefore, pain sensation will be felt. The pain usually varies, and this is very much intense when there is already exacerbation of gout. Pain medications are commonly prescribed to the person affected with gout in order to be free from this kind of problem.

Joint Inflammation

There is also inflammation of the joints that you can feel when you are suffering from gout. Inflammation is among of the most common gout symptoms since this affects all the people suffering from this kind of problem. The swelling will depend from the degree of disease suffered by the person. Because of the presence of pain, the person will find it hard to move his joints especially in terms of flexion and extension. There are some anti-inflammatory drugs that you can take in order to get rid of joint inflammation. Based from the assessment information of the doctor, he will order the dose and the specific anti-inflammatory drug that will be taken by the patient.

Joint Stiffness

Joint stiffness is among of the other gout symptoms that you can feel when you are experiencing this kind of problem. Stiffness of the joint usually happens because of the deposition of uric acid crystals in the spaces between joints, it will limit the movement of that specific part. Thus, this will enable the person to move his joints freely and will lead to stiffness if the deposition of tophi will continue.

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