Gout Pain Relief

Gout is a condition wherein there is too much uric acid in your blood, which results to the development of uric acid crystals. These uric acid crystals which are also called as tophi are depositing in between the joints in your body. This can affect almost all the joints in your body, and this usually starts in the big toe. Another frustrating thing with gout is that there is too much pain that you will feel when you are suffering from the condition. The pain during the exacerbation of gout can be given with solution regardless of the intensity. This is very much possible by means of utilizing remedies promoting gout pain relief.


Application of ice is considered as the gout pain relief commonly recommended by the doctors in the field of health and medicine. This has proven to reduce intense pain being felt during the acute attacks of gouty arthritis. In order to reduce the pain immediately, this must be directly applied over the affected joint. Not only will this provide gout pain relief, but this will also provide you with a solution to the inflammation associated with the disease. Apply an ice pack on the affected joint for about 10 to 15 minutes.

Joint Exercise

Joint exercise will also provide you with gout pain relief. But when we speak of exercise, it does not mean that you will do complex exercises in order to get a solution from the problem. What you just need to do is a simple range of motion exercises in order to facilitate proper circulation of blood in the affected area. By this simple remedy, you will reduce the intensity of pain and in most cases, eliminate the pain sensation completely. You can do exercises one to two times in a day even if there is no pain present.


If you want immediate and instant gout pain relief, pain killers are also available for you. The most common medication used in order to get a solution for the pain experienced during gout is ibuprofen. This medication is the drug of choice for people suffering from intense pain caused by the disease. Aside from ibuprofen, there are also some medications that you can use in order to get relief from the condition. But still, you have to consult the physician in order to use the right medication and dose that need to take to provide a solution for the problem.

Epsom Salt

You can also soak your affected joint in Epsom salt diluted in water. Epsom salt is very much powerful in order to supply you with gout pain relief. What is also good with Epsom salt is that this is very much accessible and you can almost find this in every house. The relaxing properties of Epsom salt will surely ease away the pain. In fact, this is also used in the previous years in order to treat other conditions related to pain.

With these options presented, you can surely get gout pain relief and free yourself from the intense feeling brought by this kind of arthritis.

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